LPG Leakage Alarm

This project will detect LPG leakage and will turn on the Alarm. Here instead of Buzzer, we can also replace it with a water pump by introducing a delay of 10s thus if no action is taken even after 10s the water pump will start. Also, find the attached Arduino program.

Hardware Used

  1. Arduino Nano
  2. USB Cable Type C
  3. Gas Sensor MQ-2
  4. Buzzer
  5. Jumper Wires
  6. Glue Gun
  7. Thermocol


  • Gas Sensor MQ-2 with Arduino
  1. AO of Gas Sensor with Arduino Nano Pin A5
  2. VCC of Gas Sensor with Arduino Nano 5v
  3. GND of Gas Sensor with Arduino Nano GND
  • Buzzer with Arduino
  1. Buzzer positive terminal with Arduino Nano Pin 10
  2. Buzzer negative terminal with Arduino Nano GND

Note:- You can adjust the sensitivity of Gas Sensor by turning the potentiometer with a screwdriver on Gas Sensor.

LPG Leakage Alarm

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