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This Multi-rotor LCD-based KK Flight Controler Board is great for Tricopters, Quadcopters, Hexacopters, etc. The LCD screen and built-in software make installation and setup easier than ever.

Its purpose is to stabilize the aircraft during flight and to do this, it takes signals from onboard gyroscopes (roll, pitch, and yaw) and passes these signals to the Atmega324PA processor, which in turn processes signals according to the user’s selected firmware (e.g. Quadcopter) and passes the control signals to the installed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) and the combination of these signals instructs the ESCs to make fine adjustments to the motors rotational speeds which in-turn stabilizes the craft. This KK Board Flight Controller also uses signals from your radio system via a receiver (Rx) and passes these signals together with stabilization signals to the Atmega324PA IC via the aileron; elevator; throttle and rudder user demand inputs.

A handy piezo buzzer is also included with the board for audio warning when activating and deactivating the board. The 6-Pin USBasp AVR programming interface ensures future software updates will be quick and easy.

Pre-Installed Firmware:
Dualcopter |Tricopter|Y6|Quadcopter +|Quadcopter X|Hexcopter +|Hexcopter X|Octocopter +|Octocopter X|X8 +|X8 X|H8|H6|V8|V6|Aero 1S Aileron|Aero 2S Aileron|Flying Wing|Singlecopter 2M 2S|Singlecopter 1M 4S

Package Includes:
1*Flight Controller


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